Our Story

Wellness Kits began in October 2018 with the aim of distributing carefully selected items in care packages to those in need all over London. Due to the time of year, our first outreach was based on the desire to lend a helping hand throughout the festive season; in particularly to those who need the extra care and attention in the unbearably cold London winter weather. The contents of our bags ranges from basic essentials such as hygiene products and snacks to other well thought out items from vitamins to information on local homeless shelters.


After collecting donations from friends, family, colleagues and strangers, WK had a successful first run, and now aims to continue the initiative on an annual basis, hoping to expand each and every time. Our main focus is to cover areas of London that lack the resources given in some of the more populated and well known areas of the city. Our volunteers spend hours working their way around North, South, East, West and Central London searching for people who may benefit from our services and to provide them with a Wellness Kit as well as any hot food/drink requested by the individual themselves.


"Whether it’s a smile, a few pounds or a 5 minute conversation - small acts of kindness go a long way"


The Wellness Kits way...

WK runs on a volunteer basis, with everyone involved being truly committed to the cause. We only take on volunteers who have shown us that their intentions of helping others are in the right place and not for personal gain. Integrity is extremely important to us and in turn this creates a strong, welcoming team of volunteers who share similar core values. 


We have a strict no filming rule, and ensure that upon every approach, each person we meet is greeted with a handshake and a genuine introduction to our volunteers. We give the person as much time as they are willing to spend with us - some of them have great stories to share, or simply want to have a basic conversation with someone, we make sure we are there to listen. 


At Wellness Kits we don’t like to assume what people want, aside from receiving their care package full of everyday essentials, each person is asked what they would like to eat/drink and whatever the request, we make sure we fulfill it. In a world where homeless people are made to feel alienated, we work to show them they are seen.  It is extremely important to us that we make people feel comfortable enough to ask us for whatever they are craving, whether it be a juicy burger meal or a luxurious hot chocolate from a specific cafe of their request, we make it happen, after all, that’s what our monetary donations are raised for!