About the Founder

Wellness Kits was founded by Emily Ospina Ruiz, a Graphic Designer within the fashion industry, who’s over arching life purpose is to help others. Emily was taught from a young age to always give back to the homeless and has continued these values in to her adult life. After overcoming a difficult year in 2017, where a focus on wellness practices such as diet, meditation, natural supplements, and mental wellbeing all aided her healing, she realised how powerful these tools were in order to change ones life completely. Wanting to share this with others, she combined her focus of helping people with these new teachings, and Wellness Kits was born. 

Starting out as a care package distribution charity, with the aim to incorporate more wellbeing practices in the future, Emily has been able to collaborate with multiple businesses and a range of other large charities to keep Wellness Kits growing year on year.

"Random acts of kindness can make a huge difference to someone's day. Wellness Kits are designed to be that little thing made with a lot of love". @emilyospinaruiz